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Outreach and Inreach

The Propeller Trust is committed to supporting schools and staff in mainstream schools and nurseries to help to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence in supporting pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Leaders and staff share best practice from across our schools through our outreach and in-reach offer. 

  • Leadership support:  working with senior leadership teams to promote an inclusive culture, identify strengths in the SEND provision and create plans for areas of development. 

  • Key Worker Development: Working with individual staff or teams to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence in meeting the needs of pupils and achieving positive outcomes. 

  • Training: Sharing best practice and approaches used in Propeller Trust Schools.  

  • In-Reach: Opportunities for staff to visit our schools, to observe in class, review the resources available and meet with staff to model approaches or strategies. 

  • Bespoke support: Creation of a package of support to address the individual needs of your setting. This could include resource development, helping to create individual pupil plans with staff, classroom observations, joint SEND learning walks and development of SEND Development Plans. 


For further information or to have an initial conversation, please contact Jenny Jura our Trust Outreach Lead. 


Referrals are made through the Oxfordshire County Council SENCO Helpdesk. These referrals will be allocated to the most appropriate service by the Oxfordshire County Council SEND Strategic Development and Improvement Team. (Please see attached flyer from OCC). 

Please note: We will signpost schools to other services where we feel that the needs of the child can be better met through their involvement. Special school places are controlled by the Local Authority, and pupil placements may not be materially impacted by previous special school support.